The multiplex BEST Technologies power the New Ultratone Futura® UltraPro, offering advanced Lumitherapy™, which is the synchronisation of Lumi™ transmitters, Biostimulation, Microcurrents, UltraLipo, Ultracell and Ultrasound transmissions in interfacing treatments with literally thousands of Program stages. This means that your client could receive, for example, simultaneous Quattro Face lifting, Body Biostimulation circumference reduction and Ultrasound Cellulite treatments as well as Lumiherapy, all at once whilst relaxing and enjoying a great pampering session.

Your client can choose all the areas to treat in order of importance and the new sophisticated software will work out automatically the specific settings for each area, using the Algorithmically Prioritised Treatment Areas (APTA) Program, with 250,000 (!) intelligent treatment permutations available, thus offering her or him a completely personalised experience.

Our team of physiologists were able to draw from the U.T.S vast library of treatments to create the also new Lumitherapy™ which is the core & very essence of the Futura® UltraPro, its most advanced feature, the best gift of theoretical and practical knowledge for Professional Therapists today, enabling them to move forward into the future with safe, reliable and proven Beauty & Health benefits for their clients.

Ultratone’s combined high tech quality, state of the art design and accumulated physiological knowledge, are the result of over 50 long years leading the way in Professional Body & Face Rejuvenation.