Lumitherapy™  is Ultratone’s creation, based on the patented Lumi transmitters and extensive scientific research that proves the beneficial effects of colour and light on the human body and face, in total synergy with Biostimulation, Microcurrent and Ultrasound, offering the most complete range of non-invasive treatments.

As the nec plus ultra of combined design, high technology and synergetic multi treatments, the FUTURA® ULTRA PRO System is beyond comparison. Its complexity is such that you will never even guess it, because its software has been programmed to guide you each step of the session and its operation is absolute simplicity.

Step by Step On Screen guide & layouts

As soon as you turn the System on you will know what to do. The 21 x 16cms full colour TFT touchscreen display using the latest Projected Capacitive Touch Technology will light up and you will be able to select the Customer Database or enter any one of the vast range of Programs available. Humanoid female and male figures custom designed to show 3 body types of each gender will appear on the near photographic quality screen, showing you the very many options available: 250,000 treatment possibilities for Lumitherapy Biostimulation, with different diagrams for Ultrasound Cavitation, Ultra Lipo & Rejuvenation and up to 1000 Microcurrent & Ultracell patterns. It is all there for you, guiding you every step of the way.

Customer Database

The powerful software offers almost unlimited memory recording facilities: more than 100,000 customers can be maintained live on the database! Record your client’s telephone and address details, date of birth and vital statistics, together with the details of her/his treatments. From then on the individual’s results and what to do next will immediately appear on the colour screen. Full data back up and printing facility of clients records are also available.

Client Profile

New clients are given in-depth profiling, including age, weight, body type (Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph), activity, problem areas and desired results.

Algorithmically Prioritised Treatment Areas (APTA)

To the data recorded are added the clients problem areas in order of priority and the FUTURA® ULTRA PRO System software works out algorithmically the corresponding personalised treatment plan, from exactly 250,000 layout permutations, with the recommended number of sessions per week.

Male/ Female

This feature, unique to Ultratone Professional Systems, effectively provides two entirely separate sets of Programs that take into account the physiological differences between the sexes.

Automatic Update & Follow Up

The FUTURA® ULTRA PRO System will then follow the course of treatments, recording vital statistics and automatically altering each Program to suit the changing body shape in order to maximise results. There are literally as many Programs available as the number of clientsyou have: we invite you to expand your clientele!

Synchronised & Synergetic Lumitherapy Treatments

Body and Face can be treated separately, or simultaneously. Whether your client needs Microcurrent facial treatments, Biostimulation Slimming, Ultrasound Ultra Lipo or Anti-cellulite plus Light & Chromotherapy, the new BEST technologies that power the Synergetic Lumitherapy make it possible to have them all at once!

Powerful super speed Processor

The built-in brain of the FUTURA® ULTRA PRO is a compact processor with extendable memory, capable of maintaining an adaptable and upgradable software available in 16 major languages. No training is needed to operate this user friendly system.

New Ergonomic U-Cabinet

Designed as an integral feature of the FUTURA® ULTRA PRO, the Ultraport adds elegance as well as storage and mobility.