Futura® Ultralift® Face System


The ultimate Multi Treatment Faceshaper

The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System is a new concentrated Bioenergy™ System that offers Bioptic® lights and Chromotherapy, Biostimulation, Micro Currents, Ultracell® and Ultrasound Transmissions in interfacing treatments with literally thousands of progressive Program stages specifically formulated to encompass every non-invasive facial therapy requirement.


The System delivers safe, reliable and proven health & beauty benefits to the clients of the leading Beauty Salons, Health Spas and Aesthetic Medical Centres around the world.


The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System delivers multiple synchronised therapies including:

Non-Surgical Facelift


Wrinkle Reduction


Lymphatic Drainage


Bio Frequency



Face Shaping Microcurrent



Stress Control

Separate Male & Female Personalised Programs

Self adapting parameters

Customer database (option)


The specially formulated comfortable Ultrawave™ waveforms combined with varied Bio Frequencies and Pulse Widths can be applied to the face via a special Facial Multiplexer with twenty microleads connected to twenty hypoallergenic self adhesive impulsers. And for manual facial treatments, two Microwands and a 3MHz Chromo Ultrasound Applicator with an intense blue light.


BIOSTIMULATION - Facial Multiplexer

Each Biostimulation Program will provide a choice of gender, complexion, skin type and face shape. The specific Programs will have different frequencies, stimulation and pause times, pulse widths and ramp times, all perfectly sequenced to suit the required results of the Program selected.

The waveforms and sets of impulses for each Program are personalised and will automatically differ depending on the area of the face selected. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for set up and Treatment use.











ULTRASOUND - 3MHz Ultrasound Applicator

For the delicate skin and muscles of the face the FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System offers a 3MHz device with adjustable intensity which is ideal for Sonophoresis for cellular dermal repair, Anti-Ageing, Wrinkle erasing and improving acneic skin, among many other benefits.



Therapeutic micro emissions are applied manually with the Microwands which provide Electroporation to enhance the absorption of active cosmetic ingredients. The gentle Ultracell® signal is superimposed on all Facial lifting, toning, tightening, drainage, line reduction and skin rejuvenation Programs to produce concentrated and long lasting results. Ultratone also offers signature protocols for using Microcurrents with major cosmetic brands. Follow the on-screen instructions for set up and treatment use.



Applications such as Biostimulation, Ultrasound and Microcurrent can be combined and in some cases used simultaneously for super concentrated and intensively fast results:

BIOSTIMULATION can be run at the same time as ULTRASOUND or MICROCURRENT.

ULTRASOUND can be run at the same time as BIOSTIMULATION MICROCURRENT can be run at the same time as BIOSTIMULATION


The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System is beyond comparison, delivering the most comprehensive library of facial treatments. All available at the touch of a screen. Intuitive design that guides therapists every step of the way through each session means operating the FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System is pure simplicity.



As soon as you turn the System on you will know what to do. The 21 x 16 cm full colour Thin Film Transistor touch screen display using the latest Projected Capacitive Touch Technology will light up and you will be able to select any one of the vast range of Programs available. It is all there for you, guiding you every step of the way. It is so easy to follow the on Screen instructions, so simple to set up the treatment and then let your client relax whilst the FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System does the work.



This feature, unique to Ultratone Professional Systems, effectively provides two entirely separate sets of Programs that take into account the physiological differences between the sexes.



The built in brain of the FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System is a compact processor with extendable memory, capable of maintaining an adaptable and highly sophisticated software that controls more than 100,000 Algorithmically prioritised treatment permutations for your clients benefit.



The powerful software offers almost unlimited memory recording facilities. More than 100,000 customers can be maintained live on the database. Record your clients’ telephone and address details, date of birth and vital statistics, together with details of the selected treatments.



New clients are given in-depth profiling, including prioritised problem areas and desired results. From then on the individual’s results and what to do next will immediately appear on the colour screen. Full data back up and printing facility of clients records are also available.


ALGORITHMICALLY PRIORITISED TREATMENT AREAS The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System software uses a complex set of algorithms to devise a corresponding personalised treatment plan, with the recommended number of sessions per week.



The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System will then follow the course of treatments, recording results and automatically altering each Program to maximise the benefits. There are literally as many Programs available as the number of clients you have.



The FUTURA® ULTRALIFT® FACE System offers you unlimited individual Programs as it creates a Treatment Plan based upon the particular details of age, gender, weight, measurements, face type, problem areas and desired results for each client. This Bioenergy System has been conceived to do all the work for you and to bring more Clients to your Salon, Spa, Fitness Centre or Aesthetic Medical Centre. The more the merrier is the principle because Ultratone wants to help you grow and increase your Profit margins. Whilst your Clients benefit from unlimited choice, you can count on your Salon being the centre of attraction.